Payment Methods


Add or edit your shop bank account setting in the "Shop Bank Account" field.

In the "Reminder Alert after" field you can set a payment deadline until an invoice has to be payed. Once this period has expired the shop admin will be alerted in the "Order Administration" by a blinking icon showing that the payment has not been received in time. If you do not want to take advantage of this feature just leave the two fields "Reminder Alert after" blank.

You can customize the layout of the printable invoice / delivery note / reminder by editing the HTML template.

If you use multiple tax rates in your shop, the invoice comes with an additional column displaying tax rates per item.

Cash on Delivery

If you activate this payment method customers get a additional information on the payment methods page indicating CoD Charges. For example: «Please note additional CoD charges in the amount of EUR 16.00 to be collected.» The notification email to the customer contains another note: «Please pay cash on delivery. Please note additional CoD Charges to be collected.»

Only setting is the "CoD Charges (without currency code)" field.

Buy online, pick up in store

If a customer selects "Buy online, pick up in store" shipping is set to 0. There is no setting. Just activate this payment method and it will work right away.


Paypal as payment method is supported too. (This is something else than Paypal Plus, which is NOT supported!)

Unfortunately, configuring the Paypal payment gateway is quite complicated. Please refer to this PDF manual (sorry, currently avalable only in german) for more information.


In order to receive SOFORT Überweisung payments you need a SOFORT Überweisung account and Bakery v1.10 or later.

Log in to your SOFORT Überweisung account: Go to "My projects" > select a project > "Extended settings":

  • Shop system interface: Activate "Automatic redirection" and copy&paste the full url as shown in the text field "Success link".
  • Abort link: Copy&paste the full url as shown in the text field "Abort link".
  • Notifications: Add an email notification and a HTTP notification using the POST-method and the full url as shown in the text field "Notifications".
  • Project password, notification password and input check: Create a project password, notification password and activate the input check using the hash algorithm SHA1. Note: As soon as the passwords are set, they can not be unset anymore.

Add your SOFORT Überweisung customer number, project number, project password and notification password at "Payment Methods" > select "SOFORT Überweisung" > "SOFORT Überweisung Settings"

(Editor's note 2020: not tested, idk if these information is still valid)


not supported any longer, sry