This settings list refers to the latest version.
The setting pages are prepopulated by default but have to be modified to your needs.

First get a quick overview:

  • General settings are shop settings which apply to all Bakery pages and can not differ from page to page.
  • Some rarely changed default values can be set in the config.php file.
  • Page settings apply to one Bakery page only.
  • Payment method settingsare shop settings which apply to all Bakery pages and can not differ from page to page.

Beneath there will be given more detailed information on some settings:

1. General Settings
  • Shop name, email, country and state settings
  • Rename the Bakery pages directory
  • URL to "Terms & Conditions"
  • 4 different shipping address form settings
  • Different address forms to fit country standards
  • Skip cart view after adding an item to the cart
  • (MiniCart strongly recommended)
  • Display Bakery settings to WebsiteBaker admin only
  • Up to 3 free definable item fields
  • Show stock to customers as text, image, number or not at all
  • Allow the customer to order out of stock items or in stock items only
  • Currency and number format settings
  • Apply sales tax to shop country, shop state or not at all
  • Up to 3 different tax rates
  • Tax included or excluded
  • Add a VAT no field to the address form
  • Edit list of EU tax zone countries
  • Set tax rate for shipping
  • Shipping per item AND/OR shipping based on:
    • a flat amount
    • number of items
    • number of positions
    • percentage of the order subtotal
    • the highest item shipping rate that makes part of an order
    • free shipping
  • Different shipping for domestic, abroad and a third one according to a group of specified countries
  • Free shipping over certain order totals
2. Page settings
  • Option to switch shop page(s) online/offline
  • Set the "Continue Shopping URL"
  • HTML template settings (main page and item detail page)
  • Set items per page and number of columns
  • Select the thumbnail size
  • Set where to use Lightbox2
  • 3 ways of updating the page settings
3. Payment method settings
  • Select the payment methods respectively payment gateways
  • Enter the required payment gateway account details
  • Edit the email contents