General Settings

Terms & Conditions

Create a new page with the terms & conditions of your shop and add the URL of this page to the "Terms & Conditions URL" field in the general settings.

On the summary page customers have to agree to the terms & conditions of your shop before completing their order with checkbox which customers have to check otherwise they will be asked to.

Shipping Address

Select one of 4 different shipping address form display settings:

  • Never display the shipping address form
  • Not displayed by default but can be added by customer
  • Displayed by default but can be hidden by customer
  • Always displayed, no adding or hiding by customer
Addresses and their placeholders

There are 3 types of addresses:

[CUST_ADDRESS]: Customer address
Contains the data of the first part of the Bakery address form: The customer postal address, phone number and email.
It is the main address and used for billing and - if no shipping address is provided by the customer - for shipping as well.

[SHIPPING_ADDRESS]: Shipping address
If the shipping address differs from the customer address and it is provided by the customer, it contains the data of the second part of the Bakery address form: The shipping postal address. It is used for shipping only.

[ADDRESS]: Either the value of [CUST_ADDRESS] or - if provided by customer - the value of [SHIPPING_ADDRESS]

Free definable item fields

Add up to 3 free definable fields to your items. Define them in the general settings and they will automatically be available on the add/modify item pages.

In the template use placeholders like [FIELD_1], [FIELD_2] or [FIELD_3] and [TXT_FIELD_1], [TXT_FIELD_2] or [TXT_FIELD_3] to display the entered values.

For further information about placeholders refer to the Bakery "Page Settings" > "Help" page and read about Bakery templates.

Item Stock

Display item stock to customers as number, image or as an info text like "in stock", "short of stock" or "out of stock" depending on the current value of the "in Stock" field of the Stock Administration.

If the item stock field has been left blank Bakery will display "n/a" on frontend pages.

If you have selected to display item stock as image or as an info text please specify the range of quantity when you want to have the "short of stock" message displayed.

Customize the used stock icons in_stock.gif, short_of_stock.gif and out_of_stock.gif in the directory /bakery/images/ to fit your needs.

Make sure you have added the appropriate Bakery placeholders [STOCK] and [TXT_STOCK] to your Bakery layout templates. For further information about placeholders refer to the Bakery "Page Settings" > "Help" page and read about Bakery templates.

Tax rates
  • Set up to 3 different sales tax rates in the "General Settings". Using multiple tax rates the invoice item table will display them per item.
  • On the "Add product" or "Add/Modify Product" page you can assign one of the predefined tax rates to a single item.
  • Choose wether you want to have prices including or excluding tax.
  • Apply sales tax to the shop country or the shop state (requires Bakery v0.96 or later). The sales tax is only charged if the country or state the customer has entered in the address form will match the shop country or shop state set in the "General Settings".
  • EU tax zone is supported.
  • Bakery can check EU vat numbers entered by customers.

Basically there are 2 independent ways of setting the shipping: "Shipping based on..." and "Shipping per item". Of cause you can combine them.

  1. "Shipping based on..." will calculate the shipping from the "orders subtotal". You can choose 5 different ways how Bakery will calculate it.
    Shipping based on:
        • a flat amount
        • number of items
        • number of positions
        • percentage of subtotal
        • item with the highest shipping cost of an order
        • no shipping
  2. "Shipping per item" will calculate the shipping from the preset shippings per item. Set the shipping per item when adding or editing an item.
    Else, just leave the field blank for no shipping per item and Bakery will not show it in the shopping cart at all.

The total shipping charges are not displayed in the cart but on the summery page.

Free Shipping

You can set a free shipping limit. That means if a customer exceeds your preset limit he will get free shipping.
The setting "Free shipping over" is set to 0 (zero) by default. In fact your customers will get free shipping all the time.
Modify this value to fit your needs.
E.g. if set to 100 your customers will get free shipping if the order subtotal is equal or greater than 100.

If you do not want free shipping at all set the value to 99999.99 assuming no shipping coasts will reach this high.

Besides you can inform your customers about the free shipping limit by showing a box on the summary page.