Version history

 VERSION 1.89 (06/30/2020) – this version requires WBCE specific classes/files and does not work with WebsiteBaker!

  • Use PHPMailer for emails to customer & shop admin (thanks to digitalbricks) 

VERSION 1.8.8 (06/27/2020)  

  • Fixes for PHP 7.2 - PHP 7.4 and MySQL-strict

VERSION 1.8.6 (01/28/2020)

  • Responsive design (no more tables)

VERSION 1.8.5 (07/16/2019)

  • add cancellation terms and privacy policy url
  • fix issues with unwanted orders of sold out items
  • fix issues with item stock display

VERSION 1.84 (04/03/2018) 

  • Fixed security vulnerability (thanks to Tonke Hanebuth / PerComp Verlag GmbH)

VERSION 1.83 (05/30/2017)

  • [stock.php] Fixed typo in ternary operator (thanks to ICE)

VERSION 1.82 (05/17/2017)

  • [save_item.php] Fixed db error in strict mode when saving an item with no image item_attribute_id (thanks to jacobi22)

VERSION 1.81 (05/16/2017)

  • [modify_order.php] Fixed options of shipping state select
  • [save_order.php] Fixed setting "hide country name", if customer and shop country match (reported by paulchen)
  • [save_order.php] Fixed state select if setting "display shipping form" is always
  • Fixed some warnings about a non-numeric value
  • Replaced check for an empty string by the function empty()
  • Fixed incompatibilities with mysql save mode (requested by gemnb, thanks to jacobi22). Basically set default values for most database fields.